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SCHOOL  : The philosophy of our organization :


Respect for the individual

Respect for the individual

The institution policy is to congratulate the effort rather than to repress it. It should, in effect, give confidence to trainees. Without error, of what remains to be done, there is no self-evaluation however essential it is to help build the final project.

For you to understand the need to make mistake –which is so devalued in mainstream education, we like to take the example of the efforts required for the acquisition of learning to become a figure skater, for example. It is necessary, to put the skates on the ice and to go there many times to gain some control but also, there must be many falls in order to reach the goal. For what interest us here, is exactly the same thing.



The training courses we have available are of high quality and rewarding. We don’t agree to giving good marks to the trainees but to give them the keys, benchmarks and techniques that allow them to quickly become bilingual.


Richness of a foolproof method

Our training methods, started in the Alambic of the past are a mature approach after fifty years of experience gained over time in the French and Foreign Schools.


Who are we?

We are a training centre created on January 3rd, 2000 and registered under No. 2514154314 reporting SIRET: 42815278900031 EPA 804-D so far working mainly on training sites within. Thus, from January 2000 to December 2009, we traveled 400,000 km of coastline along the coast of Normandy, Brittany and the Channel from Le Havre to Dinan, through the paths that lead to wonderful places such as Barfleur Auderville La Baie des Calgrains, Mont Saint-Michel ... Then, due to higher oil prices and the collapse of the global economy, we have found solutions to continue to exist and to overcome the crisis. So we have opened the headquarters of our training centre for professionals.


Where are we?

Ou sommes nous ?
We are located in Villers sur mer
  • - In the heart of the Côte Fleurie
    - within walking distance from the station Deauville (09km)
    - 300m from the Auberge des Frais Ombrages Hôtel and the gendarmerie
    - 800m from the mainstreet
    - Situated between Deauville and Cabourg
    - 15km from the airport of St Gatien, 30km from Lisieux (East axis) and 30km from Caen -(West axis) on the coastal roads.
    - 60min from the ferry terminals of Ouistreham and Le Havre
    - 2 hour drive from Paris.



Looking for skills training?
You want to change jobs?
Click sector you want.

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Trades Food Service and Hospitality Trades Food Service and Hospitality


From first contact to first class:

This time is an important time for both trainer and trainee. At this stage, both parties expect to get up to a satisfactory standard. That’s why we ask you to fill the window for your comments. Tell us in the window if you have already done English or not, how long and why you want to develop this discipline.

As for the trainer, their expectations will be successful in detecting the potential of each of its students and enhance it to its maximum.

We very often meet individuals who need to learn English but who have no or little practice in this language and have the memory of some kind of an experience at school...

Then, when the new student arrives for his first lesson, we love to use an example from nature to explain the situation. We like to give students the image of a wasteland, a land that has not been looked after and is in a wild state.

During training phases for either one week or three months, the trainer and the trainee will work together to trace the path that will sow good seeds. It will require both sides to develop patience, perseverance, and desire for success that will push the student to reverse the lesson of the day, before the next lesson and the instructor to find new ideas for them that will help us to see better..

For the first year of training, there will be negatives effects such as fatigue, loss of confidence. The brain not being a machin, will reject information from time to time having to make decision in few seconds. The student will not see it but the trainer, will and he or she will use his experience and psychology to enable the trainee to persevere.

Vieux Pré de la MotteAt Le Vieux Pré de la Motte, everything is set up to promote the best possible stage and to recall, among others these two sayings:
"Paris was not built in a day" or even "Little by little the bird builds its nest."


Who can be trained

All men and women employees or managers of companies not already owned by employees to an industry professional wishing to follow instruction
"Customized" so that they can then :
  • Adapt to a workstation
  • Function in use or can remain in employment
  • Develop skills

All school youth wishing to reconnect with an overall clear and simple English.

Education levels are defined with the trainee at the first contact so as to enable it to be part of a small homogeneous group :

  • beginner
  • intermediate
  • level improvement


How is the training


It happens in three stages.

  • A time limit for normal conversation of their daily life to encourage memorization. The student will answer questions like :
    « How are you today? What have you done this week? How was your appointment at the dentist's? etc. ...
    Questions to be asked first by the trainer and quickly, in turns, by the other students participating in the course.
  • A time frame for grammar and the study of the 30 fundamental rules for the 30 hours of training.
  • One last time scheduled for the practice of professional vocabulary requested and sought by the trainee and carefully followed over a program established by themselves when registering the course.


What is the average duration of training


Before registration, time is taken between the 2 parties to determine what time. It will be established based on the following criteria  :

  • The availability of professional
  • His level or her level of initial knowledge

For reasons of common sense and good citizenship, we believe that 30 hours of training is more than enough the first year of training especially with regard to students who have never done English before. Here, we do not train people by cramming eat in. Our groups are limited to five, or six people, maximum. Our training centre is concentrated on good work in the main place rather than profit making.
On the other hand, in these difficult times, we do not view training over several years as there is a risk factor. This spoken and written English is a factor of quality, willingness to be open to the world and a great boost to the economy for a village as well as for a country. If we want to export our know-how, there is no time to lose and Training SH offers training for 30h and with the 30 basic rules necessary for the progression of learning as this is what we consider best proposal to most people.

These hours may be spent in several possible ways:

For professionals:
  • A one week intensive formula consisting of 6h/day, from 9am to 12pm and from 2pm to 5pm
  • A formula "made to measure" a three months period with one to four hours per week determined on specific days fixed by the two parties based on levels and availability.
  • A formula "Weekend" *15h on Saturdays and Sundays either 7.30h/day from 9am to 12pm and from 1.30pm to 6pm.
* Formula in terms of availability reserved for health professionals.

For children and teenagers French or foreign:
  • In formula "summer training" **
** Contact the center for more information.

Sylvie's summer school


This is an offer to people interested in the summer formulas:

- Help with school work open to students and teenagers

- study abroad" and "summer courses" tailered to the French adults and foreign professionals with the possibility of accomodation
B&B, gite in situ, or Hôtel with catering near by.*

* Auberge des frais ombrages 

Vieux Pré de la Motte Vieux Pré de la Motte Vieux Pré de la Motte Vieux Pré de la Motte Vieux Pré de la Motte

Contact the training centre for further information and registration groups or individuals.

The summer courses are not full time in order to allow everyone to be able to do many different activities in Villers sur mer

They vary depending on the number of participants in the course.

People living in the five nights (Sunday night to Friday morning)
Accommodation prices per person = 35.00 € / night including:
175.00€ / person / week (accommodation possible from 2 people minimum) mode B&B / cottage on site.

In terms of other accommodation, see with the various institutions.

Adresse Address
    93 Avenue de la Brigade Piron
    14640 Villers sur mer

Mail Contact Mail
Téléphone Telephone
  • Tel : 33 (0) 2 31 98 04 01
  • Portable : 07 89 80 22 44

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