Everyday conversation :

• Hello how are you?
• How was your week? ...
• What have you done?
• How was your appointment yesterday afternoon?
• What movie was finally chosen to watch?
• Tell us ...

Vocabulary :

• Sound and pronunciation (saucer relearn to sing in the long vowels)
• Alphabet (spelling of words in the dictionary)
• Home of the client or by telephone
• Introduce yourself (his identity, his position in the company, skills)
• Learn to be customer driven and to be patient if necessary
• Work skills of listening (to recognize the first word)
• Offer to help
• The numbers (dates, phone number, credit cards)

Vocabulary of food :

• The client or by telephone
• Take bookings (online or by phone)
• Provide its menus
• command
• Drinks, wine, coffee
• Claims
• Regulation
• Locate your business in the country in the region, in the city
• Locate and describe other centers of interest in the city or elsewhere

Grammar :

• Be and to Have
• Articles + some and "any
• The Auxiliary 'Do, did, Have, will, would "
• The small connecting words
• Adverbs
• The defective (can, must and Mai and their equivalents)
• The regular and irregular verbs

Balance Control :

• Knowledge concerning the 30 fundamental rules studied for 30 hours.