Everyday conversation :

• Hello how are you?
• How was your week? ...
• Use of time a day in the week (from dawn to dawn)
• Tell a race, a movie, an anecdote ...

 Vocabulary :

• Sound and pronunciation (saucer learn to sing in the long vowels)
• Alphabet
• The numbers and letters (price shopping, no houses, travel dates, telephone number ...)
• Spell surnames
• Take a course (online or by phone)
• Home customer (are you sitting comfortably?)
• Introduce yourself (give her name, availability, skills)
• Present the company, its function, its services
• Understanding the client on time and the desired address (first left, 3rd traffic lights turn right at the stop sign straight)
• Price of the race (billing ...)
• Provide a variety of locations and speak to their specific
• Propose and find a place, a tourist site (in the city, region, country).
• Locate and describe other centers of interest or elsewhere in the city (restaurants, hotels, casinos, discos ...)
• Provide assistance, advice, a race ...
• Use of time a day in the week (from dawn to dawn)
• Telling a movie, an anecdote ...

 Grammar :

• Be and to Have
• Articles + some and "any
• The regular and irregular verbs
• The affirmative sentences
• The negative and interrogative sentences
• Different time
• The Auxiliary Do, did, Have, will, would
• The small connecting words
• Adverbs
• The defective (can, must and Mai and their equivalents)

 Balance control of knowledge on the 30 basic rules studied for 30 sessions.