Vocabulary :

• Home of the client or by telephone
• Introduce yourself (his identity, his position in the company, skills)
• Offer to help, services
• Taking R.V online or by phone
• Answer, ask various questions about the project and its realization
• Offer its own advice based on their skills
• Products
• Trading
• Delays
• Invoices
• The geographic focus
• Locate a site in the city, region, country
• Describe the poles of interest in the city or elsewhere
• Study the mail / fax and answer

Grammar :

• Sound and pronunciation (saucer learn to sing in the long vowels)
• Alphabet
• Numbers
• Be and to Have
• Articles + some and "any
• Different time simple and continuous
• Do, did, Will, would
• Adjectives
• The small connecting words
• Adverbs
• The present participle
• The defective (can, must and Mai and their equivalents)
• The comparative-superlative
• Pronouns
• Plurals

Position control of knowledge on the 30 basic rules discussed during sessions.