Everyday conversation:

• Hello how are you?
• How was your week?
• What have you done? ...

Getting professional situation:
• Customer after the time of day online or by phone
• Take a call and respond by taking on such calls daily
• Making appointments based on events (births, marriages, funerals)
• Work on listening
• Recognize the first word, the verb in the sentence and the time
• Describe the plants, flowers, floral arrangements ...
• Births, marriages, funerals, parties ...
• The mode of payment
• The forms of politeness
• Manage any dissatisfaction
• Refer the client to another site or organization
• Provide a variety of attractions and discuss their specific
• Locate a place, a tourist site (in the city, region, country).
• Provide support, advice

Grammar :

• The defective (can, may, and must and their equivalents)
• Be and to Have
• The definite and indefinite articles + some and "any
• The regular and irregular verbs
• The affirmative sentences,
• The negative and interrogative sentences
• Different time
• The auxiliary do, did, Have, will, would
• The small connecting words
• Adverbs ...

Balance control of knowledge on the 30 basic rules.