1. Conversation daily
  2. The Vocabularies

2.1.    Hotels: 

  • Sound and pronunciation (saucer relearn to sing in the long vowels
  •  Alphabet (spelling of words in the dictionary)
  •  Home client online or by
  • To make (his identity, his position in the company, skills)
  • Learn to be customer driven and to be patient if necessary
  • Work techniques of listening (Recognize the first word etc
  • Offer to help
  • The numbers (price on bookings, dates, telephone number, credit cards
  • Make reservations (online or by phone)
  • Present your rooms
  • Use of times a day in the week (from dawn to dawn)
  • Work on the receipt and sending emails
  • Propose various events
  • Locate the business in the country, in the region, in the city
  • Locate and describe other centers of interest in the city and beyond
  • The road day or night
  • Advise
  • Reorient the next customer needs
  • Regulation
  • Claims

2.2.    Restoration

  •  The home client online or by phone
  • Reservations
  • The control
  • beverages, wine, coffee
  • Claims
  • Regulation


  • Be and to Have
  • Articles + some and "any
  • The Auxiliary « Do, did, Have, Will, would »
  • The small connecting words
  • Adverbs
  • The defective (can, may, and must and their equivalents)
  • The regular and irregular verbs

Bilan control knowledge on the 30 fundamental rules studied for 30 hours.